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Ministry of Science and Technology

Ministry of Science and Technology, Bangladesh

Ministry of Science and Technology Website Home Page
Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh is promoting Science and Technology as stewardship of positive change in society and for balanced socio-economic upliftment, national well-being and thus to make Science and Technology a part of national culture. The use of Science and Technology as a means of sustainable use of Environment, Ecosystem and Resources contribute to world pool of knowledge in Science and Technology.

Ministry of Science and Technology has been working relentlessly to step up peace and prosperity of the country through proper utilization of science and appropriate technology. In the last few years Ministry of Science and Technology has achieved a rare feat with due policy level support and with proper planning. 

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Ministry of Science & Technology, Bangladesh Secretariat
Telephone:  +880-2-7170840
Fax: +880-2-7169606
E-mail:   section16@most.gov.bd

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Bangladesh Television

Bangladesh Television (BTV), a state-owned national TV station began its operations in 1964. Besides education and entertainment, its mandate is to ensure the equitable dissemination of information to the mass people and contribute to the nation’s socio-economic development of Bangladesh. It telecasts various program comprising drama, documentaries, musicals, education and information, including 14 News bulletins in English and Bangle daily. The vision of the present Government is to make “Digital Bangladesh” by 2021 and BTV is working on it.

BTV transmits 18 hours program terrestrially through a Centre, a sub-centre, and 14 relay stations daily. Its main centre is located in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. Chittagong is a sub-centre, transmits one hour and 45 minute locally produced separate programs daily.

BTV has started “BTV World” satellite Transmission on April 11, 2004. As a result BTV has now reached beyond the borders. It is a separates channel of BTV. “BTV World” transmits 24 hours satellite programs daily. Besides, BTV is going to open another channel namely “Development Channel” through satellite very soon.

BTV has a potential coverage of about 97 percent of the country’s population. About 92% of its content is self-produced and the rest are imported. For the greater interest of the nation 78% of the total programme include issues like agriculture, health and population, children and women, education and human rights etc. Its content mix comprises 20% news, 30% development and educative, 35% cultural and entertainment and other program 15%. BTV also telecast national important program, Cricket, Football and other important sports events live form venue.

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Ministry of Education

Ministry of Education

Ministry of Education is the apex policy making institution of the Government regarding administration and development of post-primary education sector. Ministry of Education formulates policies and programs for the development of post-primary to higher education including Madrasah, Technical and Vocational education. It also formulates laws, rules and regulations for the management and administration of post-primary education sector and its institutions of the country. There are several attached bodies for supervision and management of formal education in post-primary and secondary schools, colleges, madrasahs, technical schools and colleges, polytechnic institutes, engineering colleges and universities. There are about 35121 post primary secondary schools/colleges/madrasahs and 34 public and 60 private universities.
History of MoE at a glance

March 1972Ministry of Education, Religion, Sports & Cultural Affairs
December 1974Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs
March 1984Ministry of Education and Science & Technology
August 1993Ministry of Education

Bangladesh Ministry of Commerce

Bangladesh Ministry of Commerce

About the Ministry of Commerce
The Ministry of Commerce, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh is responsible for overall trade and commerce related activities of Bangladesh. A brief presentation about the ministry is given below :
      Allocation of Business
  • Import Policy formulation
  • Export Policy formulation and export promotion
  • Price Control
  • State Trading
  • Companies Act, Partnership Act, Societies and Trade Organization Ordinance and Law of Insurance
  • Promotion and regulation of internal commerce and insurance
  • Commodity issues
  • Tariff policy
  • World Trade Organization and International Trade Organizations
  • Administration of 19 Commercial Wings of Bangladesh Missions abroad
  • Administration of BCS Trade Cadre
  • Liaison with international organizations and world bodies related to treaties and agreements
  • Administration of sub-ordinate offices and organizations under MOC
      Wings/Cells in the Ministry of Commerce
  • Administration Wing
  • Foreign Trade Agreement (FTA) Wing
  • Export Wing
  • Insurance and Internal Trade (IIT) Wing
  • World Trade Organization (WTO) Cell
  • Planning Cell
  • Textile Cell and
  • Director Trade Organizations (DTO)
      Organizations under Ministry of Commerce

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Export Promotion Buerau

Export Promotion Bureau,Bangladesh

  • A National Export Promotion Agency under the Ministry of Commerce;
  • Reorganized by the promulgation of a Presidential Ordinance in 1977 as a semi autonomous body;
  • Promote export trade and improve plan & policies helpful to the private sector.
  • Administered by a Board of Management (BOM) comprising members from both public & private sectors.
  • Honourable Minister for Commerce is the ex-officio Chairman ; and
  • The Vice-Chairman is the chief executive of the Export Promotion Bureau. 

    EPB is a semi-autonomous organization under the Ministry of Commerce of the Government of Bangladesh. The affairs of the Bureau is administered by a Board of Management (BOM) where the Hon'ble Minster for Commerce, Government of Bangladesh is the ex-officio Chairman 4 members representing different Chambers of Commerce & Trade Associations and 9 high officials nominated by the Government representing trade related Ministries/ Departments are members of the Board.

    The current Board of Management is constituted as follows:
     Mr. Ghulam Muhammed Quader, MP
    Honorable Minister
    Ministry of Commerce
    Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh
     Shubhashish Bose
    Vice Chairman & CEO
    Export Promotion Bureau
    Ministry of Commerce
    Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh
    Mr. A. K. AzadPresident
    Federation Of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce & Industries

    Mr. Al-Haz Rezaul Karim AnsariPresident
    Bangladesh Finished Leather
    Leather goods & Footwear Exporters Association (BFLGFEA)

    Mr. Abdus Salam MurshedyPresident
    Bangladesh Garment Manufacturer & Exporters Association (BGMEA) 

    Mr. Kazi Belayet HossainPresident
    Bangladesh Frozen Foods Exporters Association 

    Mr. Mr. Salman F RahmanPresident
    Bangladesh Aushod Shilpa Samity 

    Mr. Monoj Kumar Roy
    Joint Secretary
    Ministry of Industries
    Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

    Mr. Md. Zulfiqur RahmanD.G (UN & MEA)
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

    Mr. Md. Amir Hossain
    Director General
    Export Promotion Bureau
    Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

    Mr. Jnanendra N Biswas
    Joint Secretary
    Ministry of Industries
    Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

    Mr. Mohammad Saidur Rahman
    Joint Secretary
    Ministry of Agriculture
    Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh 

    Sheikh Md. Mobarok Hossain
    Joint Secretary
    Ministry of Textile & Jute
    Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

    Mr. Muhammad Shamsul KibriaJoint Secretary
    Ministry of Fisheries & Livestock
    Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

    Mr. M. A. SaburChief Controller
    Office of The Controller of
    Import & Export (CCIE) 

    Mr. Md. Habibullah BaharAdvisor Finance
    Bangladesh Bank 

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Bangladesh Election Commission

Bangladesh Election Commission

Welcome to the website of Bangladesh Election Commission. Bangladesh Election Commission is an electoral management body established under the constitution of the People's Republic of Bangladesh.

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Bangladesh last Election is Dhaka City Corporation Elaction 2012

Ministry of Home Affairs

Ministry of Home Affairs

The Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of the people's Republic of Bangladesh, was first set up in 1971 with the formation of the government-in-exile during the Bangladesh war of liberation. The ministry started to operate from Bangladesh Secretariat, Dhaka after the victory of Bangladesh forces over Pakistani occupiers on 16 December 1971. After independence it inherited as legacy the law and order of the war-ravaged country. That was the beginning from which the present-day Ministry of Home Affairs evolved as a full-fledged governmental organ. More Information



                                                  About Honourable Minister 

Advocate Shahara Khatun
Ministry of Home Affairs
                                        Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh
                                                          E-mail: minister@mha.gov.bd
Advocate Shahara Khatun is an Eminent Politician, veteran social Worker, noted lawyer, First woman Home Minister, Ministry of Home Affairs, People's Republic of Bangladesh. She was born in 1943 in Kurmitola village in Dhaka City, in a noted Muslim family. Her Father's name is Late Abdul Aziz master and her mother's name is Late Turjan nesa.Advocate Shahara Khatun more information 

                      About Honourable State Minister 

Advocate Shamsul Hoque Tuku
State Minister
Ministry of Home Affairs
                                         Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh
                                                       E-mail: msh.tuku@gmail.com>
Advocate Shamsul Hoque Tuku, the Hon�ble state minister for Home Affairs , Peoples Republic of Bangladesh was born on 31st May 1948 in the village Brishalikha under Bera police station of Pabna District. He is the third son in the family of Late Juran Uddin Sarder and Late Rahima Khatun.
Shamsul Hoque Tuku is a law-abiding Bangladeshi citizen by birth bearing the national ID card number : 7625503129657 and religiously his belief in Islam. Advocate Shamsul Hoque Tuku more information